Company Management

The all-time leader of the Company since the day of its establishment is Mr. Ahmet Budan, who has been working in road construction for almost 35 years. He began his career in 1985 in the regional administration of roads in the city of Van, the Republic of Turkey, as the head of the site. The experience of Mr. Ahmet Budan in the Republic of Kazakhstan is also impressive. In 2002, Mr .Budan took part in the construction of the project “Reconstruction of the International Airport of Astana”. And in 2005, one of the largest projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan was completed – “Rehabilitation of the Aktobe-Karabutak-border of Kostanay Oblast highway”, where Mr. Budan was the Project Coordinator at Alsim Alarko company. In connection with the completion of this project in a timely manner and for the excellent work shown, he was awarded the Order of the Honorary Road Builder of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
During nearly twenty years of experience in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Ahmet Budan was awarded the following honours and titles.
– Order “Dostyk” II degree
– Order of the “Honorary Road Builder of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
– Order in honor of the decade of Astana for his contribution to the formation of the capital.
– Diploma of the Minister of Transport and Communications A.Kusainov A. for excellent work and contribution to the development of the road sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the high rates achieved during the reconstruction of the international transit corridor.
– Medal for “Contribution to the strengthening of friendly relations and cooperation between Kazakhstan and Turkey”
– Award for participation in the construction project of the corridor “Western Europe – Western China”
– Certificate of honor of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for merits in state and public activities, a significant contribution to the socio-economic and cultural development of the country, strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples
The development of the Company and its success in the market is entirely the merit of its CEO. Knowledge, experience, wisdom, interpersonal skills and personal charm are the main components of Mr Budan’s personality. December 25, 2014 Mr. Ahmet Budan was awarded the title of honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Turkey.